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A Brand builder’s guide to creating Successful Business Identities

A brand is never a book with defined numbers but it is a file in which we add papers of different ideas that are never-ending. Every brand starts as a seed in the soil, and we need to water it appropriately and accordingly to grow it into a blossom tree.

To start with it, you as the brand builder should decide the exceptional crunch about the brand and what makes it worth someone's time. From there, brand ideation needs to be developed to showcase the brand accurately to the targeted audience.

Here are some cool pointers to help you grow your seed in the industry:

1) Purpose of Existing - Define a branding mission statement which talks about the vision and motive of starting your brand and what sets you apart from the bunch of similar business in the industry.

2) Mould your Image - When you meet someone, you decide to portray what you wish them to notice about your brand. The same way you can decide the image of your brand in front of your targeted audience. Sculpt an image of your brand in such a way that when gushed with dozen choices they should turn to choose you. Your motive should be to create your brand almost like a living, breathing person that they can trust.

3) Think like a buyer, not a brand manager - When you buy a product, give a thought to what made you buy that and then figure out how your own brand will come across into the picture. Knowing the need of your consumer can do a great help building your brand.

4) Choose your eye catcher language - Hunt for catchphrases and slogans to tag it along with your brand. The phrases chosen should be closely related to the mission statement and memorable enough for people to relate it to your brand. Use the same language chosen not only for your products and advertisement but also when you discuss your business out in the industry.

5) The silent ambassador - Design scheme - Creating a noticeable and impressive logo for your brand that will help you reach the right audiences. Embedding the name of your brand into an image in your customer's mind is a sign of a step ahead in the industry. And the best way to gain a step ahead is to be unique and simple in order to be quickly remembered.

6) Remember that the Business is built by the People - Involving your employees in creating the best out of your business is equally important as using fertile soil to nurture your seed. Explaining why and how you arrived at the brand identity would help them to understand the brand image more. Giving a clearer picture will also assist them to provide their own ideas and invaluable insights along the way.

Not only hard work for creating a brand is needed to succeed, but also having an emotional attachment to it is also necessary. These points mentioned above are the fertilizers for the seed to grow into a blossom tree. Promise a good brand to yourself and when you create one, it will be a promise kept successfully.

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