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Every great idea needs matchless executioners, and we at Encomium PR are glad to have some great talents on board who are legends in their own rights, or are legends in the making. A set of individuals, which forms a lethal combination of experienced PR professionals and the young brigade that is poised to learn and grow, comes together as a strong team of communications specialists. 

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A curious and good listener, a keen observer, and peoples' person

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Account Executive

My distinct methodology as a PR professional involves utilizing my creative flair to consistently generate unique strategies for elevating the visibility of my clients.

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Account Executive

A gifted writer and storyteller with a belief in doing thorough research of the industry, competition, and clients in order to devise holistic plans for the bands.

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Associate Account Director

With her near perfect analytical skills and an experience of over 10 years, Prachi always has a solution for any problem. 

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Account Manager

Always eager to learn and acquire new skills to further strengthen her creative side, Shabeena brings a refreshing perspective to each project.

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